Mrs. Toodles


Oh that Mrs. Toodles, she's always on the go; ever so easy going, very go-with-the-flow. She lives for a leisurely drive and if she's in your hood she'll certainly stop by. She's always packed with the proper accouterments and bounces about with a gusty exuberance! If you happen to see her delightedly driving around, flag that sister down and beg her to spin you around town. What ever happens once you buckle your belt, one can never tell, but if you get the chance, you best hop in with this mademoiselle!

Vespa 400 Microcar / Gold + Pearl Flower Earrings / Tod's Driving Shoes / Large Address Book / RL Chainlink Sunglasses / Gold Leather Driving Gloves / iPhone 4 / Coach Mink Key Fob / YSL Gloss Volupte Stick

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