The Saguaro / Palm Springs


I've been bouncing around like a pinball lately - as traveling about is something I fancy greatly. I live to frequent the same destinations - and to each time uncover fabulous new sensations. With Palm Springs being one of my home-away-from-homes - I was giddy to find a new glittering sanctuary with which I may need to call my own. The Saguaro is Palm Spring's newest hotel du jour-she's rocking the vibrant colors, that's for sure! I'm thinking The Saguaro will be my annual April trip's selection - the Cabana Room is just begging for my affection! I've already begun to pack my duffle - I'm planning on blending in and doing the Saguaro Shuffle!

The Saguaro Palm Springs / Corteo iPhone Case / Bella Link Necklace / DVF, Kaiti Sandals / Balenciaga Giant Tote


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