Mrs. Lawn bowler


A Mrs. who partakes in such sport...? You puzzlingly ask. But of course! Everything is fun when you've a flask! Mrs. Lawn Bowler is quite the sporty spice - she loves a good match and her game is quite concise. She comes dressed to play, proudly donning her bowling whites - for it's the pomp + pageantry on the green that she really likes. She plays by the sport rules but always brings the fun - which is why she's known as the "bowling beauty" and is adored by everyone. She'll be the first to win and first back to the clubhouse - where she'll treat her fellow bowlers to a round of drinks and a good healthy rouse!

Karen Walker, Patsy Glasses / Calvin Klein, Stretch-cotton Blazer / White Leather FlaskFendi, Chameleon Duffle Bag / Green Onyx EarringsRochas Perforated Loafer

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