Lets Talk Laundry


Okay, so... it's time for me to come clean - I'm a lover of the domestic arts, I'm a home-keeping queen! I truly live for laundry day - whites, brights, colors... even hand washing lingerie! That being said, I thought I'd throw you all a bone. I'll be periodically sharing laundry tips + tricks that you may not have known! With this wealth of laundry knowledge - you'da thought I'd gone to laundress college! I promise you that's not the case, tis merely just a naughty little obsession - so there, I came clean, I've made my freaky confession!

Now... on to today's tips:

TIP No. 1: While sorting your laundry, prior to stain spotting - do yourself a favor turn all garments right side out prior to washing! You'll save yourself buckets of time on the back end. Folding will be so quick n' easy you'll be dumbfounded, my friend!

TIP No. 2: A rule of thumb that I'd like to deliver - a handy nugget about demin for the laundry beginner. Do your denim turned right-side-in + on the coldest setting. This will keep them darker longer and prevent them from shredding.

TIP No. 3: Towels and linens of like color category - should be laundered within the same cycle story. Towels have a tendency to make mess, so washing them amongst linens is best. Most of the terry-fiber-linty mess will slough off in the dryer - yet you'll want to keep it separate from your fabulous attire!

Dear friends this is but the tip of my domestic arts iceberg. I promise you the knowlege I'll bestow will be ridiculously superb. Should you have questions, please don't be shy - I'd be happy to explain the how and why. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for my next domestic eruption - you never know, you too might be wooed by the home-keeping seduction!

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