The 5 Elements of Ladylikeness


Every Mrs. has her own method behind her madness - knows as her go-to arsenal of feminine enhancements. The items she turns to when she must turn up the volume - by cashing in on her innate assets and elevating her costume. I've gone ahead and given you my top 5 ladylike elements - that aid in my realization of achieving feminine excellence. Each of us having our specific reasoning - as to how each ingredient contributes to our signature womanly seasoning. While mine may not be particularly eccentric - they are in fact rather befitting of my Mrs. aesthetic. In my time of womanly exhibitionism it is of these five that I pursue - and in turn I effortlessly seize ladylike by the tits, merci beaucoup!

Now that I've divulged my five - I'd love to know what you turn to in order to femininely thrive!! Tell me, tell me!!

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The Mrs.
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