Weekend Enchantment


Usually, on the weekends I like to keep things pretty low-key - after a wild and crazy week I tend to relish in the old R+R ceremony. This weekend however, I'm feeling rather festive - so I've planned my weekend to instead be activity-aggressive! Being the heavy drinker that I am, I've been hoarding some wine that I've been dying to tear into - most likely I'll partake prior to my Saturday night hullabaloo. Yes, I've organized a little freight night with some friends - drinks, dinner and an authentic haunted house at the ends! Whilst in Sahn Diago during the fall season - one must visit the Historic Whaley House, and with very good reason! It's been deemed the most haunted house in the United States - so I figured "hey, what the heck" lets take a private ghost hunting tour of this wacky estate!! Pending my survival, I'll be taking my darling children to the majestic pumpkin patch out yonder - where I'm sure I'll frantically panic that the Whaley's are haunting me as my children joyously folic and wander!

I hope you all have a little mischief planned and something delish for sipping - may your weekend be marvelous and fabulously bewitching!!




Pino Noir / The Whaley House / YSL Noir Primitif / Illamasqua Black Magic 

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