Mrs. Match-Up with NYDJ


While I can't say I'm much of an online gamer, I do enjoy a spirited match - so when I was asked to create something fabby + game-y for NYDJ's fall collection, I delightedly took command! The job at hand asked for a multifaceted interactive belvedere concept - in which to style the latest NYDJ collection whipped up into a game with a brief Mrs.-esque novelette. What happened next, I really cannot say - for a whirlwind of creative frenzy hit, and sheer brilliance gave way!! Thus I beg you try your hand at my Mrs. Match-Up game - play it once and, well, you'll never be the same! The life changing aspect aside, there is a tasty little incentive - there are treasures for the taking, that is if you're attentive. So go on, click on over and give the game a whirl - you could find yourself in some seriously slick NYDJ's that look smokin' on any kind of girl!

Mrs. Match-Up Game

Above photo: Sheridan French Tunic / NYDJ, Sherri Skinny Coated Denim

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