Nude Attitdue


It's no hidden secret that I am a gal of wild + vibrant color - however, a true and succulent nude always sends my Mrs. heart a flutter. Birthday suit, buff, champagne... what ever you want to call it - this hue is so freaking ladylike, you just can't knock it. Is nude the new white? Is that too bold a claim to stake? - Whatever... I don't care, I'm declaring it for pete's sake!! Let's face it, it's hands-down delicious with anything you pair together - a nude hue commands power with casual denim, vibrant neons, and even high-gloss black leather! How about we holler out a heft "huzzah!" for this magnificent shade - and do our part to keep nude out of fashion-retrograde!

Mac Abalone Shell Nail Polish / Alexander McQueen Feather Top / Carla Amorim Praline Earrings / Moschino Studed Pumps / Christian Louboutin, Justine Spike Tote

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