Mrs. Guilty Pleasures #2


Okay, it's my second Mrs. Guilty Pleasures confession and it's high time I come clean - I'm a closet shop-vac-er whose sucking obsession is a tad bit obscene! There, I said it... cat's outta the bag - I'm a full blown shop-vac maniac! It all started rather innocently... promise! Mr. Lilien brought it home, and it looked pretty harmless. He purchased it for his messy mister shenanigans - however he left it in the box in the kitchen, and I was powerless against the suspense! There just so happened to be a raging mess on the floor - so I whipped that baby out and let 'er roar. What to my wildest surprise should I find?! That it effortlessly sucked up walnuts, broken glass and a puddle of red wine!! This was the beginning of my endless shop-vac-ing love affair - I've tossed out my shark + broom, seriously I swear! I'm now at the point in which she holds a permanent post in my manse - ever plugged in and at the ready to immediately respond. I truly find inner peace when left to shop-vac anything and everything in sight - astonishingly, I've even shop-vac-ed the children's wet hair to dry! All I can say is that this guilty pleasure really caught me by surprise - who knew this Mrs. was to be obsessed with industrial craftsman supplies?! Either way, I can't praise this home keeping power house enough - it might even be fair to say I have somewhat of a kooky appliance crush!

Now that I've showed you mine, it's only fair you show me yours - tell me will you... what's your beloved aparatus that you turn to for house hold chores???????

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