Sparkling Monday


So, what'ya know it's Monday already! The trouble is, I'm beginning my week a little unsteady. The truth of the matter is that I'm 150% unprepared - I had hefty pile of work to complete in which I was rather aware. However the chaos that was my casa loomed large - so in lieu of staying on task, I gloved up and took charge. I can't begin to explain the euphoria I experienced - for the high was inexplicable, so intense, so mysterious. All I can say is that my house is truly spic-er than span - why, you'd be blinded by the gleam of my glittering porcelain can! Be it know that what began as a light puttering activity - resulted in 10 intense hours of deep-cleaning productivity! While I certainly feel utterly accomplished and deeply satisfied - I'm sitting at my desk, palms slightly sweaty and mildly terrified. So with the same merciless chutzpah that I used to conquer my house drudgery - I'll take to my professional duties (post haste!) precisely and properly!

Sending you gleeming sparkles this fine Monday!



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