Mrs. Spider


Along came Mrs. Spider - a gal whose all the wiser. She's quiet, she's sneaky, a real mistress of the night - if she creeps upon you, she'll give you one heck of a fright. She'll lure you into her twisted little web - she'll seduce you with her poison and get inside your head. Before you know it, you'll fall victim to her devious plan - she'll have her way with you + then sell your bones to the bogeyman! So do look out and beware of this cunning Madame - take heed at night especially... for you never know what can happen!



Jean Paul Gaultier Umbrella / Bottega Veneta Coiled Earrings / Nina Ricci Lace Frock / Versace Leather Gloves / Jimmy Choo Patent Pumps / Christian Dior Poison Perfume

Fashion, Mrs. So-&So
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