OMG Tapenade!


Ohmygod... BLEU CHEESE OLIVE TAPENADE!!! Make it by the heap and serve it by the gob!! I'll sign over the sweets any day of the week - but deprave me my salt and I swear I'll freak! Throw in some savory and my tongue will surely wag - I'll probably even hoard it like a shameless piggy hag! So what do you ask might be my favorite little dish?! Why Blue Cheese Olive Tapanade... it's godforsakenly delish!! It's really rather simple - you just bust out your food processor and toss it all in the middle! I like to make it by the heap load - in the event that I have a late night craving episode! That said... here's how I do - 1 whole jar of bleu cheese stuffed olives along with some of the juice (I leave that up to you!) A handful of capers + a handful of Italian parsley - don't be shy, don't use these shining stars sparsely!! Next add the zest and juice of one robust lemon - toss in a fistful of toasted pine nuts for tasty textural perfection! Lastly, season with s+p to your liking - then douse with enough olive oil to aid in the velvety ingredient binding. Put the lid on your processor or blender and let 'er rip - and when she's all done you'll have yourself one HECK of a tasty olive dip!

Buon Appetito!!

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