Mrs. Thanksgiving Preparedness Program / week OF!!


As far as dinner parties go, Thanksgiving really takes the cake - the dish to guest ratio alone is 4 : 1 for pete's sake! That said, it takes some serious savoir-faire to pull this sucker off - and with a few of my tips, you'll maneuver this beast like a boss!

Let's get started... I assume you took note of my initial installment - If not, have a look + take note for further reinforcement. Since we are but days away from the big to do - I'm highlighting the nitty gritty details that you really ought to persue. First, it's imperative that you execute a themed libation - last year I introduced the Wild Turkey Cocktail, a most celebrated creation! In addition to the hosted cocktail, the bar cart must be efficiently stocked - pull out your Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook and play the part of boozy savant.

The next layer of importance would be that of the table - a surface that should be glittering, graceful and tasteful. Supplying guests with their very own individual splits of booze - along with a universal sipping vessel + the proper opening tools - is a gesture that'll win you all sorts of fabby reviews! You'll also want to include the usual seating suspects - such as table papers, place cards, napkins and utensils (that are properly placed!!) in order to achieve seated guest success!

Lastly, but certainly not leastly you must take care of yourself - just because you're hosting doesn't mean you must hang yourself on the shelf! Should you find yourself manning the bird and whipping up the dishes - wheel that bar cart into the kitchen and make the task delightfully auspicious. Should you be unable to pry the bar from the guests - then bring the party to the kitchen and mingle amongst the mess!

I hope that you take some of the above and make it tradition - for Thanksgiving is a holiday in which should be executed with magic + fanaticism!

Ah yes, one more thing before I go,  should you be a guest and need a fabby dish to bring - my Mrs. Cranberries are sure to make any host sing!!

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