Thankful For...


Before we all retire for the day to settle down with the ones we hold dear - I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who tirelessly tune in to the Mrs-sphere. Your boundless enthusiasm and like-minded whit + whimsy - has kept me tenaciously inspired to delight you with my daily ditty. Your dedicated readership + unwavering support certainly gives me that push to power through the pesky nitty-gritty! You've allowed me to engage my inner prowess - which has nurtured a quiet confidence and filled me with a grateful profoundness. As a woman who's had to purposefully pave her own way - being allowed this opportunity is like that of winning the lottery every single day. This gift is one in which I covet on the highest of plains - and one that my sincerest gratitude continuously remains.

I wish you all the very same bounty + bid you the happiest of THANKSgivings!



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