Hard Core Wrappin'


Stop and ask yourself... "Am I wrap-ready?!" - if the answer is "no" then it's time to stock up on what's currently empty! First and foremost, if you are sans the proper tools you're split outta luck! Yet, with the necessary supplies (loving these ones from Poppin) deco-ing gifts is a slam dunk! Having an array of wrappin' flare on hand is imperative - your gifts and their recipients will be sure to reap the benefit! Find your jam and take it to the max - maybe your a fancy tape person, or known for fabby tags - or perhaps it's your paper that glittering splash. What ever your method being a hard core wrapper - not only makes your gifts delightfully dapper - but will turn any recipient into a happy clapper!!

Poppin Scissors / Poppin Stapler / Glitter Twine / Kraft Wrap / Tinsel Pom / Poppin Neon Tape / Reversable Wrap /Poppin Red Metal Pen / Gift Tag / Glitter Tape / Latke Wrap / Poppin Tape Dispenser / Blue Twine / Poppin Blue Gel Pen

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