Just Keep it!


In walks keep.com, a new site dedicated to the pleasures of purchasing - and let's face it, it's an activity that we're all shamelessly worshiping! I thought I'd give it a try and see what the buzz was about - you can actually buy every item you "keep" is what I quickly found out! "What a novel idea!" I surmised - it's like pinterest, only purchase-centric and product emphasized! I LIKED this, and so I decided to KEEP this - my Mrs. Lilien Keep.com page is one you won't want to miss! More over, I've been asked to partake in the Keepstakes - a fun little contest where you can enter to win a new gift every day, for pete sakes! I'm keeping the above C.Wonder graphic lacqured serving tray - Should you want to win it, create your keep page and "keep" my tray tagged with this --> #MrsLilien hashtag, Okay? A winner will be chosen tomorrow, November sixth - so hustle up and keep it up so you have the chance to win! I look forward to "keeping" up with you all - what fun we'll have perusing eachothers' haul!

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