You know those rare moments in which you stumble across something so undeniably spectacular?? A moment in which you bust out a verbal specimen boasting foreign vernacular?? Well, let me tell you... thems is special moments!! What ever the fervor that pushed you passed the tipping point - must certainly strike a ferocious penchant to leave you deliciously destroyed! Should you spot something that leaves you fabulously fizzing and foaming - and perhaps even enthusiastically moaning and groaning - well then it's high-time you get lyrically sowing. You never know what you might spit out when slapped with something otherworldly - it might even take you down a meandering poetic journey!

Case in point, the above fabulous tassel necklace - spawed a new detailed adjective in which to post with!

Have a GLOR-KEND! (glorious weekend - yes, this might be reaching...but you know what I mean :)



House of Lavande

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