Stocking Stuffer Sensations


It's a widely known fact that it is the stocking which proffers the greatest treasures - and is the most beloved ritual that yields the highest of pleasures! Sure you'll have your usual suspects - it wouldn't be right without the mandarin or the lipsmacker gift sets. But, forget not the coveted novelties that seemingly delight us to our core - a hidden gem, the limited edition polish and more! Nary a lady recipient would balk at such provisions - why if anything she'd suspiciously question who helped with these decisions! Stockings are made for the very best surprises - so pull out all the stops and be sure to heed my expert advices!

Plukka Ring / Veuve Clicquot / Sparkle Pouch / Hermes Scarf / Ribbon Pom Pom Keyfob / Lipsmaker / Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook / Cashmere Glittens / Diptyque Baies / Dior Polish, graphic berry, Riviera / Stacked Wines / Stocking

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