The Mingle Belle Rock!


Here's what happens when you gather a gaggle of Sahn Diahgo gals for a festive holiday shindig - you get a riotous rollick laden with booze, bling + lots of lipstick! We lit the place a fire (literally) and frolicked in the snow - and to think such naughtiness took place in my sweet little bungalow?! The delightful debauchery that ensued... well, I just can't explain - for our fervor was festive and impossible to contain! This very glam-o-rama yuletide carousal that you feast upon (loaded with gobs of glittery chiffon) - pranced in like a lamb and exploded like a bomb!

May your holidays be merry, SPIRITED and bright + may all your glittery SHEnanigans light up the night!

Art Direction by Mrs. Lilien / Styling by Tori Hendrix / Tabletop Wares by The Hostess Haven / Flowers by Root 75 / Wardrobe by Miss Vintage / Photography by Joie La La / Video Production by Austin Hendrix

Endless love and MRS kisses to... Mr. + Mrs. Hendrix, Mrs. Mirón, Mrs. Farley + Mrs. Pierre, Mlle. Kent + Mlle. Clark, Mrs. Graves, Ms. Wood,  Ms. Vintage and 100 Layer Cake for making the festivities utterly perfect!



©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013