Keep Gifting!


Online shopping can be such a doozy—a shopping cart here, a shopping cart there, a dozen browsers open, quite the stressful affair. I've recently began online hoarding of fabby treasures galore, I'm besotted with a site I simply adore! Remember when I dished about Keep not too long ago? Well, it's become my online shopping secret, all have you know!  I've managed to organize the many gifts on my lists - and therefore the dreadful gifting dilemma no longer exists! Additionally, I’ve been keeping a lot of fun holiday gifts… for the hostess, the home, and your inner kitch-y stylist.  Like a shoppable pinterest with the power to buy, Keep’s become my gifting closet looming in the sky. With just a simple little click - I've got great aunty Esmerelda that extra special gift! Since keep has become my secret weapon to score gifts for my crew  - I thought it only necessary to share my Keep wish list with you! This way it takes that pesky guess work out of procuring my holiday endowment - I'm sure you'll select a winner from the various delights I've compounded! 

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