Lets Talk Laundry, No. 02



Let's bring the conversation back to one of my favorite topics : Laundry! After all, tis one of the domestic arts that I adore quite fondly! Today let's discuss the importance of the all-mighty sort - I will give you the low-down in a most detailed report. Now, before I get started I know there are those of you that are not load sorters - perhaps this is due to a particular laundry-loathing disorder? What ever the issue, I beg you to reconsider - clothing that's properly laundered will not only look it's best and last longer, but also keep it's figure. Just think of all the ensemble benefits that you'll be reaping?! I'd say this is a domestic art worth living by and keeping!

Lets get started.

Sorting: This laundry activity is best described as the process by which laundry-appropriate items become separated according to particular characteristics. Thus yielding piles designated by color category and like laundry setting. A prepping technique I promise you won't be regretting!

The Basic Sort: This can most simply be broken down into 3 essential piles - the darks, the brights + the whites, 3 color categories of differing cycle styles. 

The Darks: This load shall consist of all things black, dark-patterned, muddy-hued and denim - these are the items that like to bleed color like poisonous dark venom. This load must always be set to cold - thus aiding in color staying and figure keeping as they get old. Customarily, this load contains many items that require line or flat drying - something I urge you to do as the benefits are well worth complying! The beloved darks have tendency to fade - so adhereing to the above will most certainly help keep their ominous shade. 

The Brights: This will be all things brightly hued and heavily patterned - the sturdy "in-betweens" who's neither dark, nor white, but rather color confirmed. This will be your classic warm-cold cycle setting - something I'll bet you won't be forgetting. The warm-ish temp helps lift the dirt - and the cold helps keep the figure of your favorite shirt! This load is less volatile than those pesky darks - in that it's not as susceptible to bleeding, unlike it's preceding counterparts. 

The Whites: There should be little question whether it's white or not - if it's cream or khaki it's a bright, there shouldn't be an issue if that's right or not! Cream and khaki are notorious for turning peach - when they are accidentally added to a load containing bleach! Whites are for bleaching - a non-negotiable fact that I'm preaching - don't panic, read on, as the how-to's I'll be teaching. First, if your white tee has printing, it's perfectly fine - the bleach won't turn it from black printing to lime. Second, if it's not white cotton, don't do it - if it's delicate or fancy I urge you not to pursue it. This load shall be set to warm, alongside the detergent 1 full cup of chlorine bleach shall be added - if your machine doesn't have a bleach compartment, don't blow a gasket - just add it to the water before the clothes are added. These items are sturdy and will only benefit from a good bleach beating - and when the load is done they'll be kicked up, stark white and gleaming!

Load Hierarch: Do your darks first since they take the longest - an easy way to remember think: coldest to hottest. The brights are easy so do them in between - then finish up with the whites to bleach out your machine!

So there you have it the bare bottom basics of sorting - there's of course more advanced tips and tricks that I'm purposely ignoring. I'll soon be illuminating high-laundress knowledge well worth exploring - but we are nothing without the basics, which I might add are hardly boring!

I hope you gathered something new from this laundry post - perhaps something life altering that you can proudly boast!

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