bold & delicious


Bring me the bold and deliver me the delicious - but forcryinoutloud, please spare me the snoozy and the listless. Basically, go big or go home is the name of the game - be proudly bold as opposed to mawkishly lame. The chances of standing out are certainly far greater - a wisdom you ought to adopt now as opposed to regretfully later. Try a bit of bold on for size and see how you like it - I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it, don't deny it! Next time your heading out to market, slip into your birthday heels - smear on some fiery lipstick and see how that feels. The glam and mystery that you'll so effortlessly bestow - will utterly beguile the butcher, the baker and probably the cashier, ya know?! Don't save your celebratory finery for stuffy special occasions - use and abuse them while they're hot... go ahead, give into your temptations!


Deborah Marquit Panties / Kate Spade, Hopper House Clutch / Eyelash Extensions / Adia Kibur Necklace / Alice + Olivia Scarf / Balenciaga Heels / Earrings / Nars, Schiap Nail Polish

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