Mrs. Lilien Paper Doll


I thought it high time to bring back the Mrs. Lilien paper dolly - she's just so fun and so versatile by golly! If you've been a loyal reader, you'll be sure to remember - I debuted her two years ago in all her glory and splendor. In this latest installment, you can see she's been updated - her hair is shorter and blonder and pose has been slightly re-orientated. There's no doubt this version will provide you endless fun - for she's got a a new frock to accompany just about anyone! You really out to print her out - on the highest quality of paper stock no doubt! She'll tag along with you to all your fabulous fetes - whilst looking stunning in her array of gorgeous silhouettes!

Photo : Bonnie Tsang / Brunch at the Club DressCocktail Party Frock / Date Night Frock / Charity Auction Gown / GNO Frock

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