up up + away!


The Lilien clan is loading up and taking to the friendly skies - we're heading cross country to take the east cost by surprise! All nest week we'll be whirling about visiting friends and family - no doubt we'll do so quite happily! Whilst my beloved clan is taking in all the sights - you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be hustlin' with all my might, ya, that's right! I'm booked up like like a library with meetings + greetings - heck, I'll be movin' and shakin' from mornings till evenings! I'd be a liar if I said I didn't live for these whirlwind bi-annual NYC trips - they keep me jazzed, my wardrobe spicy, and add a swagger to my hips! I'll be tweeting and facebooking - so make sure you're following and constantly looking!

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