Mrs. Makeup : Blue Eyed Belle



Behold, the Blue Eyed Belle - she likes her lids blue, can't ya tell?! Some how she pulls off this taboo hue - instead revamping it into a coveted look you immediately subscribe to! She thus paves the way for all blue eyeshadow lovers past and present - to come out of hiding and rejoice in this eyeshadow's commencement. Amidst all the cheers and jubilation - it's high time to elaborate on this look's practical application...

With all painted-faced looks, we must first prep the palette - this amazing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer does just that in a snap!

Once the face has been illuminated, it's onto the cheeks - which in this case are delicately dusted in blushing-nude-peach!

The lips are next, and they are to be shiny yet nude-ish as well - looking perfectly natural, glossy and slightly pastel!

Now to the star of the show, the illustrious blue eye shadow - slater a saturated layer or two atop the eyelid for a look that's simply fab-o! (keep it on the lid only, stopping at the crease - taking it up to the brow will summon the makeup police!)

Lastly, a coat or two of mascara for lovely long lashes - for a finished look that not only stuns but surpasses!

So there you have it, the Blue Eyed Beauty demystified - now trot on off to the powder room and go get blue-eyed and beautified!

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013