Palm Beach Chic


There's no chic quite like Palm Beach Chic - which is a rather flamboyantly, lofty mystic. This chic requires unwavering confidence and unparalleled grandeur - two elements that are not easy to procure. However, once these elements are in place - Palm Beach Chic can be executed with ease and grace. This chic spills over with playful sophistication - a state of mind and corresponding accessories for any situation. PB Chic is versatile and when done right - can take a lady from day into night. Whether this chic defines your or frightens you - it's something you ought to entertain + pursue!

Baubles / Ted Lapidus Sunglasses / Charlotte Olimpia, Leaf Clutch / Jimmy Choo, Straw Tote / Deborah Lippmann, Like A Virgin / Charlotte Olimpia, Merdith Wedges

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