Lemon Baubles


YELLOW BAUBLES!!! There are few things on this good green earth I love more - big, audacious yellow gems are treasures that I obsessively adore. So, you can only imagine my surprise - when these lemon quartz jewels appeared before my very eyes! Gasps, heaves and "OH MY's" came pouring from my lips - in that moment, these stunners became instant favorites! While baubles of this kind must be gifted - you can bet your boots that a purchase via Mr. Lilien will NOT be restricted!! I'd look so dashing with a whopping 17 carat lemon sparkler on hand - and ginormous earrings to match?! Wouldn't that be grand!! Either way these babies are hot on my radar - one day I hope they become part of my bauble repertoire!!

Carelle, Lemon Quartz Ring / Carelle, Lemon Quartz Earrings

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