Frock Finding


So, you know when you've got a big "to-do" - and your all twisted up over what type of frock to choose?! Well that's my predicament you see - I've got to look smashing for my Town & Country Ultimate Dinner Party!! Yes, you read correct - it's Town & Country, therefore I must look perfect! Since I'll be the party's hostess - I'm going vintage couture, which'll be utterly ferocious! I'm working with a fabulous dealer - one that's hot on her game and a serious high-vintage retriever. I'm beyond thrilled to see what she sources - and you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be hands down gorgeous! Between now and then, I promise to keep you all posted - and when it's all through, I'll dish all the gossip from this party I hosted!

Geoffry Bean Ball Gown / Green Jewel Collar Gown / Lanvin Plaid Gown / Red Weave Top Frock / Dior Striped Coat / Oscar De La Renta Brocade Dress


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