Le Palm Springs Recap


Sooooo, Palm Springs was FABOOSH as per the usual - I summoned Mrs. Brown to accompany me, sans right of refusal. We hightailed it out to the desert, fully prepared for some hot action - what ultimately transpired far exceeded our itinerary's transaction! First stop: The Saguaro, where we dumped our bags and headed to the pool - it took but just a few caipirinhas to barely keep us cool. We then got gussied up and headed to Trina's 10th anniversary / grand re-opening soiree - which was oozing with magnificence and flush with Palm Springs societe. Once the party cleared out we heeled off with The Turks + crew for more fun - we landed at Birba, where the food + drink seemingly do the cha cha on your tongue! We heavily imbibed sans hesitation - after all, this was a grand-fabulous celebration! The following day was a serious high-vintaging excursion - where we sought treasures for both manse and person. Upon Trina's suggestion, our first stop was Bon Vivant - a tiny shop bursting with serious goodies to flaunt! I scooped up an exceptional Genie bottle and tassel necklace - both in mint condition, utterly speckless!! Across the way we sauntered in to Mr. Cox - which is precociously curated with fabulous frocks. I snagged an immaculate cover-up that'd make you weep - a glittering gem that the proprietress was actually hoping to keep. The last stop on our shopping binge was none other than the Party Lab - where everything in house is beyond freaking fab! I walked out with goodies for the little Liliens - and a few new glamingos to up my garden's conditions! I must say this might've been my best PS trip yet - although, I'll admit, it's hard to have a PS trip that isn't the best!

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013