Meet Lilly Lilien


I really truly couldn't let another day pass without sharing this tasty morsel - a painted portrait of yours truly looking rather dapper and formal. Remember my aforementioned trip, and last week's post? Well, I paid a visit to the Pink Palace whilst on my business tour of the east coast. Beyond this painting's obvious fabulousness - it was created in the Lilly Pulitzer print studio which is teeming with miraculousness! When I tell you I cascaded through the print studio, I tell you no lie - and with but a mere glance, Paige Smith whipped this up in a blink of an eye!! I was just as astonished as you - I couldn't believe my eyes, I look good in that hue! Needless to say Lilly Lilien is headed to the framer - she must be pristinely showcased to capture + preserve all her fabulous flavor!

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