OMB!! (Oh my book!) - here you have it, the very first look! Last week whilst in NYC - I met up with my Editors at Random House, you see - and lookie what they had, hot in hand to give to me... my very own copy of my upcoming book, YIPEEEEE!! It is with boudless pleasure that I bestow you this first glance - a teeny little peek into my booze infused romance. Herein lies a project that I happily 'poured' myself into one year ago - seeing it now for the first time I'm beaming with pride and all aglow! My Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook drops on the 29th of May - which just so happens to be the perfect time to host a summer cocktail soiree!! Until then, I'll keep you posted on the latest as well as the upcoming book tour dates  - which'll be hosted by (my dearly beloved) Jonathan Adler in 3 different states!!

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