Last week, I had a burning question that I was dying to know - I asked and you answered with such delightful gusto! My question being : "With what do you feed your delighted tongue when the fun is all done?! I'm dying to know what your desirous hand reaches for - what your darkest hankering deepens for - the nosh you gravitate towards that you needn't reasons for." Your answers were stealth and wildly on point - Profoundly inspired, I took to my kitchen with intent to not disappoint!

So friends, here lies the ultimate spirit cleansing snack - meet the Mrs. Taquito Nachos Especial, and give her a whirl after your next boozy bash! She's rather simple to assemble - with most ingredients being pantry/freezer fundamental. There's no doubt she'll cleanse those spirits right out - and hopefully ease the next day's hangover bout.

Do let me know if you give her a go - I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Happy imbibing!

Mrs. Lilien



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