Intergalactic Plan-WHIT-tary



Well doesn't this just send you to space?! A most fabulous fall collection from WHIT-NY that beams with galactic grace! I was so taken aback by her space-inspired fall collection - its intuitive, playful and teeming with perfection. Not only is WHITney a razor sharp fashion talent - she's also a ferociously fabulous gal, one hundred n' ten percent! I had the utmost pleasure of chatting with this martian-loving fashion maven - I got us the scoop on her sci-fi inspired fall creations! What did I consider the pièce de résistance...? Why, the video [above] she + her hubby made with a gaggle of fashionista astronauts!! I tossed her some Mrs. questions to field - and this my friends is what she revealed: 

"Whitney dearest, do tell... what is it about outer space that makes your heart race?"

[WHIT] : I love the mystery of space and all that is possibly happening out there.  For this collection I was interested in pop culture where fantasy meets science, especially in the campy period before the moon landing.  My husband loves sci-fi, so this was a really fun subject for us to work on together.

"This fall collection of yours is rather fantasmical, can you reveal which piece you find most magical?"

[WHIT] : I am obsessed with the wool metallics, especially, the copper stargazer coat. I feel like I am going to wear that to every party this fall. It reminds me of of the movie The Forbidden Planet.

"Your fashion point of view is always so spectacularly specific. What would you say is the common thread that keeps your collections synergistic?"

[WHIT] : What subject matter I am currently interested in is always changing, but my core aesthetic remains pretty consistent. There are certain concepts and reference points that keep me coming back to certain shapes, bold prints, bright colors and often, with a dash of Mod. Those elements will always be part of the DNA.


"My jump off question, if I may... you recently joined the Mrs. Club... tell me darling, what is it about being a MRS that you really love?"

[WHIT] : My husband Parker and I have been together for 10 years.  It is refreshing for us to be newlyweds right now.  Our wedding was a blast, we loved celebrating that with our friends and family. Being married is our new adventure!


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