Tonight's the night + here's whats on the mind...



After months of plotting and planning, the day has finally arrived - tonight I make my toast mistress debut and host the Ultimate Dinner Party that I meticulously stylized. Now that it's finally here it all seems so surreal - as though I've entered a Mrs. utopia where everything is fantastically ideal. Not only that, but I've brought Mr. Lilien along for the ride - its going to be brilliantly fun having him there by my side! We've spent the past few months enthusiastically expounding - making for a fun filled buildup to a night that's sure to be astounding! We've exchanged hilarities and wondered about this and that - our on-going banter is usually a pretty amusing chat! Tonight will be no different I assume - humoring one another as we primp + groom - exchanging playful banter to our signature tune. No doubt he'll remark on his radiant complexion - to which I'll remind him to thank me for sharing the IOMA skin collection. I must say, we both benefited from the line's magical skin correction! From the crystal, to the food, the invitations and decor - the baubles, the venue and so much more - has made me feel like a heiress in a money store! Here's to a night that is sure to go down in Mrs. Lilien history - a once in a lifetime MRS VICTORY!

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