Laundry day delights


I realize that I am a rare bird in that, I honestly live for laundry day - while for most, the mere mention fills their inner souls with dismay. It may in fact be a mundane task - but that sure doesn't mean you can't make it fabulahs! I always lipstick and bauble up before I tackle any household chore - because you never know who might spontaneously come a knockin' on your door! You'll also want to have a hefty basket, I suggest something handsome - you don't want just any old plastic bin floating around your mansion! On to the most important component - a fancy laundry set is a must for topping your high-laundress moment. Lastly having abundant cold beer at the ready - will help ease the load of your dirty piles a plenty!

All together now, let me here you say : "ALL HAIL LAUNDRY DAY!!!"

Electrolux Laundry Set / Laundry Basket / AleSmith IPA / YSL Rouge Pur Couture


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