mrs 50 shades


I know I'm not alone when I come forth and say... "you must read 50 Shades of Grey!!!" This book has me enraptured and utterly obsessed - not to mention wide-eyed and well, just a wee bit obsessed. It's truly naughty to the umpteenth degree - why, it's hands down bewitching as you can plainly see! If you're new to this category of books, as am I - you'll learn rather quickly this read isn't intended for the shy! Miss Steele + Mr. Grey will take you on a wondrously wanton journey - one that's spellbinding, complicated and, lets face it... dirty! For those of you who are familiar with this intoxicating series - we could most definitely cogitate all our fandangle theories - as well as pose our burning queries! If you find yourself on the outskirts of my topic - I urge you get your mits on this book that's twisted + hypnotic!

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