What's Your Favorite Spirit Cleanser?!


There's a window of indulgence that's all too familiar - it happens to be a vulnerable moment for every drinker - if this is foreign territory, well then, let me paint the picture...

You've just signed off on a most fabulous night of heavy imbibing - your official status is 'post-binge / pre-hang over' and you've a sinful hunger that's arising. With what do you feed your delighted tongue when the fun is all done?! I'm dying to know what your desirous hand reaches for - what your darkest hankering deepens for - the nosh you gravitate towards that you needn't reasons for.

So, Tell me won't you... what is your go-to spirit cleanser? Wow me with your booze-fuled epicurean delights that you treasure!

Dole out your naughty noshes in the comments below - and let's see where in desperate times we all tend to go!

I'll kick this one off with mine - I'm notorious for housing pickled jalapenos, a jar at a time!!

Now your turn, annnnd go...

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