Today + Tonight


SRSLY!! Who the heck would've thought that I'd be all up in these shenanigans -  blazin' up the Today show + touting my new book, and partying at JA establishments?! What began as an innocent little outlet to release my inner crazy - has apparently caught on, gone viral and stirred a fabulous frenzy! I truly couldn't be more thrilled to be in my shoes today - for all the hard work, determination and guts have begun to pay off, let's just say. I hope you tune in and watch Johnny and me - well be a hoot no doubt with that dynamic duo Hoda + Kathie Lee!... Don't forget friends, it's on NBC.

The fun doesn't stop there, oh no, no it does not - the official Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook party is tonight, T'which'll drop like it's hot! If you happen to be in the big apple, you best come on down - I'll be signing books at the best party in town!

Today Show Junkies... tune in to NBC / The Today Show during the 10 o'clock hour

Party go-ers, please rsvp to : / festivities from 6-8pm

Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook
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