JA Book Party



As if the Today Show appearance wasn't enough - Mr. Adler hosted my first book party that was far beyond 'up-to-snuff'! The cocktails were a flowing - thanks to Swanson Vineyards, the New Schooler Wine Cooler had everyone glowing! The evening's festivities began with a bang - my dear friend's band Mariachi Flor De Toloache came and sang! The guests rolled right in - mixed, mingled + started partyin'! With bowls of Fatwitch brownies lining the store - The party-go-ers remained happy as the line spewed out the door. The night was a blast + filled laughs + claps - I was blown away by all the adoring gals + chaps. I truly couldn't have asked for a better day and night - getting to be me on that day was absolutely dynamite!! The warmest + fuzziest thank you to all who attended - you made my evening and the memories so insanely splendid!

Lastly, big Mrs. kisses to Random House + Jonathan Adler for making this magic night happen - what transpired was beyond what I had ever imagined!

Tory Burch, Pearl Lamé Caftan

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