Stocking The Office Bar


Don't act like you never wished you had one of these before - all kidding aside, an office bar really ups your workspace's decor! What's more, is that they are truly a hot commodity - especially when stocked with booze of the highest quality. I'm gearing up and making all kinds of front row space - for my Mrs. Lilien Signature Bar Cart is currently enroute to my place. She'll stand proudly at attention in my Mrs. office - raising all kinds of devilry whilst hosting my spirited sauces. I've found myself scouring the globe searching for the highest of cocktail accoutrement - what I've conjured is truly beyond my wildest thought. For starters all proper bar carts must house a commanding bucket - one that's considered a showpiece that all will covet. Then come the glassware, a paramount accessory - a set that you feel reflects the atmosphere easily and cleverly. You'll want to layer fancy vessels, plastic swizzlers and picks - a combination of high and low usually makes a pretty marvelous mix. Elaborate coasters and extravagantly monogrammed napkins - take things to a place where barcart magic happens. So where ever your place of work, I highly encourage you stock an office bar - adding day drinking into your business repertoire - and in no time you'll be everyone's favorite employee... by far!!!

Ice Bucket / Fancy Cocktailing Set / Irreverent Highballs / Fabby Decanter / Custom Krazy Straws / Piñata Stick / Coasters / Monogrammed Napkins / Hendricks Gin / Jewel of Russia Vodka / Caliche Rum / Herradura Tequila

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