New Bedroom Concept


Now that I'm neck deep in pulling together my Yachtical Living room - I thought I'd zshush up my boudoir and make it a glammy cocoon. So now that I've slathered jungle green paint upon the walls - it's now time to make some even bolder design calls. I've scoured the internet high and low for tall navy trimmed cornice boxes - but I can't seem to find ones that aren't totally obnoxious. I'm also on the hunt for coordinating roman shades and pinch-pleated drapes - I utterly obsessed with the dramatic ambiance that it creates. Funny thing is, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for - does anyone have a secret resource for fabby custom window decor?? I think it time to pull the big ol trigger - and pony up for the fancy monogrammed bedding that oozes with vim + vigor. To polish the whole thing off and tie it altogether - I've got my eye on a graphic rug to lie beneath the bed and dresser. The finishing touch? None other than big polished brass knobs, which'er pretty up to snuff! So, as I mentioned above - I'd be thrilled to know the custom windowry vendors that you love. Once my bedroom is all prim and proper - I'll be sure to share with you, it in all it's glammy deco fodder!

Light Fixture / Light Shade / Monogrammed Bedding / Jill Rosenwald, Fallon Rug / Brass Knobs

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