Mrs. Melons


Meet Mrs. Melons, she's pretty bold and robust - yet so sweet, she'll make you blush! She's known at times to have a pretty thick skin - it's just a farce, hey... that's all I'm sayin! Once you crack her outer shell, she'll swoon you with her juiciness - this gal's just bursting with sticky sweet tutti-fruity-ness! Apparently, amongst her cronies, she's known as quite the shot caller - in fact, wouldn't you know, some refer to her as Mrs. Melons baller!! Cheers to Mrs. Melons and all her bright, juicy glory - may her vibrance inspire your next experimental color story!

Scotch Naturals Nail PolishFunberry Pillow, Orange / Funberry Pillow, GreenCantelope Bowl / Swag LampCucumber Melon VodkaBra + Panty Tangelo Bauble Necklace Spearmint Bauble Necklace

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