Mrs Slim Shady


Oh that Mrs. Slim Shady - let me tell ya, she's one shadowy lady! There's no doubt you've seen her sauntering about - she's the dame with the fancy parasol and the snooty pout. The type that likes to keep her kit covered - cleverly, she refers to this as being "fashionably smothered". This gal takes her shading rather seriously - causing many to look on quite mysteriously. Listen, you can't fault her for wanting to keep cool - heck, it's not like she can cart around her swimming pool! However, Mrs. S. Shady won't leave home with out her mister - and I'm not referring to the man that last kissed her. From her head to her toes she stays veiled and chilled - if you ask me, I'd say she's fashionably skilled. Should you happen to spy her from afar - you'll know it's her if she's packing ice up in her repertoire. If give her a shady shout she just might behave - and if that's the case she'll undoubtedly return with a shady wave.

Parasol / Coiffe Shader / SunglassesKaftan / Ice / Mister / Sandals

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