Mixing on the Job: The Mrs. Julius


Mrs. Julius by Mrs. Lilien from Austin Hendrix on Vimeo.


Mrs. Julius by Mrs. Lilien from Austin Hendrix on Vimeo.

Zou Bisou Bisou, Zou Bisou Bisooooooooooou - mixing cocktails on the job is how I do! Here I offer you just a little peek into my professional mise-en-scène - where you can see I'm a very serious business woman! Fielding calls, tending correspondence, maintaining the filing system - and mid-day office cocktailing is how I sustain my creative wisdom. While some may consider imbibing whilst working a tad nonsensical - I see it as inspirational, and let's face it, 100% inevitable! You'll want to be sure to have a pen + paper handy - you'll wanna record my Mrs. Julius cocktail recipe which is pretty darn dandy!

A huge round of applause and a duchess curtsy to Mr. Hendrix - he's one heck of a talent who yields ferocious skill + overall aesthetics!!

I certainly hope you enjoyed this fantasmic video presentation - I've plenty more of these up my sleeve to satisfy your Mrs. fascination!

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