Brunch in a Cup



One of my guiltiest pleasures happens to be drinking my meals - hey, don't judge, I just like the way it makes me feels!! That said, I must admit - my Brunch in a Cup is a most fabulous fit! What's not to love about veggies, shrimp + fancy pickled things - swimming in vodka, v8 and every sauce in between?! I truly cannot possibly think of a better way - to fuel and sauce up for the day! So the next time you find yourself in  need of a little 'pick-me-up' - you really ought to try my Brunch in a Cup!


Forgive my absence yesterday, for here's the full disclosure - I was keeping company with none other than Mrs. Hangover!!

Happy Friday, all!!



Straw / Tipsy Cocktail Stirrers / Cocktail Fork / Red Pepper Flakes / HorseradishShrimp / Blue Cheese Olives / V8 / Worcesteshire Sauce / Soy Sauce / Tobasco Sauce / Kettle One Vodka / Working Glass

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