Totally Yachtical


When the opportunity arose to work with Valspar paint - you'd be hard pressed to keep my delight constrained! This project sprang up with impeccable timing - for I was just thinking that my living room needed redesigning. While the room in it's current state is rather bright and cheery - it's also a bit spastic and would benefit from an assigned whimsical theory. So, with Valspar's Color Selector at my Mrs. fingertips - my mind began to meander towards ocean liners and luxury ships. The moment I stumbled across 5007-10A, also known as Seafarer - my whimsical theory had hatched and my was it clever! My 3 ring circus-ish living room will be taking on a new look - It'll be totally YACHTICAL + even equipped with a rope-suspended anchor hook! I took creative liberty and ordered all kinds of yachting regalia - shoot, soon my living room will be oozing with all sorts of cruising paraphernalia! Heck, I've got portholes, a ship's bell + wheel on the way - pompous-ish seahorses, shells and coral to display!! I'm utterly giddy over this funtastic new theme - and I think my seafaring walls will absolutely reign supreme! Personally, I'm rather decisive when it comes to color - yet I know that many experience the neurotic selection blunder. Good news, Valspar's Love Your Color Guarantee states that if you don't love your first Valspar shade - you can have another on them, so no need to be neurotic or afraid!! What ever you personality may be, no doubt they have a color for you - and should not be impressed they'll complimentary change it to another hue!

The painters are due to show up today if I do so remember - so, wish me luck as I set sail on my YACHTICAL adventure! I'll be photo-ing the process + posting on instagram (@mrslilien), facebook + Twitter - when she's all said and done I'll post it here, promises this Mrs. skipper! All aboard!!

Anchors / Portholes / Seahorses / Quinn Sofas / Yellow Pillows / Wicker Perches / Shell Statue / Ship's Wheel / Coral / Valspar 5007-10A: Seafarer

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