Mrs. Topless



If you're going to ride, well there's really only one way to do it - Driving topless...? Yes! You really ought to pursue it! There's no better feeling than the wind gliding across your face - while commanding the gas pedal to proceed at a wicked pace! A serious lady of the road is always properly equipped - which is essential when you're piloting a ride that's hardly nondescript. She keeps just what she needs in the booty of her ride - as she wouldn't want to feel naked on the open roadside. Always donning her signature stealth riding attire - she takes to the wheel and sets the highway afire! The next time you see a shiny topless blur blaze by you on the interstate - take heart in knowing that it's probably Mrs. Topless on a wild escapade.

Mercedes / Bottega Veneta Sunglasses / Hermés Scarf / Valentino Riding Gloves / Ovation English Riding Boots / YSL No. 13 / Pearls


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