Mrs. Crab


In crawls Mrs. Crab - she's a feisty Mrs., although nonetheless fab. She's known to have a pretty tough outer shell - I even heard that she pinches, but please don't tell!! While she may be a little hot-headed + handed - apparently, she can be pretty darn candid. I guess once you crack her shell, she's quite the delicate mademoiselle. It's also said she can bring you to your knees with delight - supposedly she's rather delicious and doesn't mind a little spice! I kinda think that's the best part about this hard-shelled Mrs. - she's known both for her pinches and her kisses.

Mini Pant / Sea Sheller / Old Bay / Lace Panty / Lace Bra / Pearl Earrings / Prada Pumps / YSL 13 <-- my very favorite lipstick of all time!!

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