Ummm... Hello Labor Day!! That's all I have to say! What's not to freaking love about a 3-day-er?! You certainly can't claim me as a nay-sayer! I always think of Labor Day as summer's last shove - and therefore permitting you to savor all the summer things you love! I have no doubt that we'll be firing up the Q - and partaking in a blended cocktail or two! This weekend I'm proposing the assemblage of skewers - a summer food adored by all BBQ connoisseurs. I prefer intuitive kabobs that walk the razors edge - between gourmet, and well a little farfetched. I've conjured up 3 easy kabob variations - that I'm pretty positive will satisfy the most persnickety of foody avocations. With Salty Sweet, Veggie "Meat" and Aloha Treat - I'm willing to bet on a Labor Day feast that cannot be beat!


Epicurean Delights
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