New York Times / Spotted: Mrs Lilien


What started with a text from a friend quickly ignited my delight - for it simply said "I saw you in the New York Times, all fabulous and bright!" So off I dashed to the newsstand beyond excited and all hot and bothered - just the mere idea of it and I was giddily honored! To my wildest surprise, sure as spit there I was - Bill Cunningham had photo-ed me in my signature duds! While I stood there gawking, my excitement uncensored - the memory dawned upon me as I suddenly remembered. Not this past week, but my last trip before - I was sauntering the city streets in my colorful decor. T'was the night before my Today Show appearance - and I was returning to my hotel in the happiest of spirits. About to cross a bustling city street - I spotted a gentlemen over yonder, perched on his bike seat. My attention veered as I saw a break in traffic - I took to the crosswalk (apparently) looking pretty fantastic. Out the corner of my eye, I noticed a bright flash - then, amidst the city beat I cross-walked in a dash. The thought soon faded as the day ahead lingered - who woulda thought that in the NYT style section I was to be pictured! So there you have it, my unexpected rendezvous with Bill Cunningham - the original bike-riding-street-shooting-fashion-photoman! 

Have a peek at the fabulous short film here.

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